Counselor and client of LSSI mental health services

Welcoming Center

The Welcoming Center is a mental health clinic for adults (18+) that offers counseling, case management, and psychiatric appointments. The Center is staffed with a team of nurses, social workers/counselors, peer specialists, and advanced practice nurses.

Call 773.561.5809773.561.5809 if you are experiencing a mental health crisis or in need of immediate behavioral health care.

Services Are for Adults Who:

  • Are having a mental health crisis
  • Need immediate behavioral health care
  • Are unable to access psychiatric services in a timely manner
  • Have been discharged from the hospital and need follow-up for behavioral health treatment

Services are geared toward a number of common issues including anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, alcohol or drug problems, post-traumatic stress, domestic violence, and other emotional stressors.

Services Include:

  • Telehealth services available
  • Immediate assessment and treatment
  • Crisis Services
  • A fast-track to psychiatry services
  • Counseling
  • Case management
  • Support groups and peer counseling

How Are These Services Covered?

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Managed Care
  • Private Insurance

What Is a Mental Health or Addiction Crisis?

If you or someone you know are experiencing any of the following:

  • Talking about or thinking of hurting themselves (suicidal) or harming others (homicidal)
  • Struggling to keep up with hygiene that is unusual, such as brushing teeth and showering
  • Irregular sleep patterns; unexplained periods of exhaustion or inability to sleep for days at a time
  • Extreme moodiness or agitation; quick tempered, "short fuse"
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol
  • Harming self, such as cutting or burning
  • Isolation, such as missing school or work, cutting off family and friends
  • Seems to be preparing for a departure; giving away personal belongings, saying "goodbye," giving away pets, tying up "loose ends"
  • Seeing or hearing things that nobody else does; hallucinating
  • Paranoia and suspicion; feeling like everyone is "out to get them"