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Therapeutic Foster Care

LSSI offers therapeutic foster care services in Aurora, Chicago, and Rockford. Therapeutic Foster Care places children with histories of severe trauma and emotional/behavioral needs in family homes while avoiding institutional settings.

Children in foster care who have experienced severe trauma or have the most emotional and behavioral needs face many challenges. It’s often hard to find a foster home placement that can meet their needs and sometimes they are placed in an institutional setting. Therapeutic Foster Care provides more intensive support for these children so that they can thrive in a family home.

LSSI's Therapeutic Foster Care Program comprises teams of dedicated, innovative, and highly trained clinicians, caseworkers, and specially trained foster parents. These teams work with individual children ages 6 to 14, during a six to nine month period, using intensive treatment to help them develop the skills needed to thrive at home, in school, and in the community.

While the children are in the therapeutic foster home, intensive family therapy is provided for their parents, relatives, or pre-adoptive parents who then will be ready to care for the children once they have completed the program.

LSSI is using a highly effective, evidence-based treatment model called Treatment Foster Care of Oregon (TFCO), which has been successful at reducing problem behaviors, increasing school success, strengthening attachment to caregivers, and improving foster parent satisfaction.

LSSI's Therapeutic Foster Care includes behavioral parent training and support for foster parents, family therapy for biological parents and relatives, skills training and supportive therapy for youth, and school-based behavioral interventions and academic support.

LSSI Recruiting Professional Foster Parents for Therapeutic Foster Care Program

As a Therapeutic Foster Parent you will be a member of a vibrant team implementing LSSI’s Treatment Foster Care of Oregon (TFCO) with children and families in Aurora, Chicago, or Rockford.

LSSI Offers:

  • Intensive on-going training and support
  • Highly effective, evidence-based treatment model
  • Comprehensive matching process
  • Daily stipend to allow a member of the household to devote time to the child


  • Commitment to work with and care for a child
  • Ability to meet State of Illinois Foster Home Standards
  • Motivation to work as part of a treatment team
  • Patience, flexibility, and a good sense of humor

For more information about becoming a Professional Therapeutic Foster Parent, please contact an LSSI Therapeutic Foster Parent recruiter in your area: