Resident reading a book in a sober living home

Sober Living - Chicago

Sober Living Homes offer the chance to build a strong foundation for a fresh start. Located in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, LSSI’s Sober Living Homes are close to public transportation, shopping, and outdoor recreational activities. On-site house managers offer mentorship. Peers provide a safe and supportive environment for residents’ recovery. Residents are free to attend school or to work while they reside in a sober living home. In addition, residents are encouraged to maintain participation with the support group of their choice.

Residents pay rent and purchase their own food.

Please call 708.275.5886708.275.5886 for questions or to inquire about availability.


Walsh Residence - 6117 N. Hamilton Ave. 1E, Chicago, IL 60659

  • Rent: $578/month
  • Male and Female
  • 14 person capacity

Sober on Sherwin - 1412A W. Sherwin Ave., Chicago, IL 60626

  • Rent: $616/month
  • Male Only
  • 3 person capacity



All of LSSI's Substance Use Services are licensed by the State of Illinois’ Department of Substance Use Prevention & Recovery.