Mobile Mental Health Crisis Team for Children & Teens

Is your child/teen acting out of control? Are they more emotional than usual? Does their behavior frighten you? Are you scared they will hurt themselves?

Your child/teen could be experiencing a mental health crisis.

Call the CARES Hotline at 1.800.345.90491.800.345.9049.

It's Professional, Private, and Free.

The program serves children/teens ages 8-20; insured or uninsured.

A Mobile Crisis Response team can quickly respond to your phone call, travel to your child/teen's location, and provide immediate on-site support. LSSI is a participating IL Department of Mental Health Mobile Crisis Response (SASS) provider for the IL CARES Hotline. Additionally, LSSI will provide services based on LSSI's Safety Protocols.

Please call 911 if the person has harmed themselves, attempting to harm others, or acting violent.

Help Is Available 24/7

What to Expect:

  1. After speaking with the CARES Hotline, a crisis worker will arrive at your location within 90 minutes to provide emotional support.
  2. The crisis worker listens to the child/teen in crisis, learns about the events that led up to the crisis, and will counsel the child/teen to help them return to a more stable mind frame.
  3. The crisis worker will then determine the next best course of action with the individual and their guardians. This could include inpatient hospitalization or following-up with outpatient services.
  4. The crisis worker will also link the child/teen and their family to services to help avoid future crises.

Is Your Child/Teen Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis?

  • Often feels anxious or worried; "butterflies in tummy," cold sweats
  • Long periods of crying or sadness
  • Frequently tantrums or throws fits; short fuse; outbursts; difficult to soothe or calm
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep; frequent nightmares
  • Unexplained periods of exhaustion or inability to sleep for days at a time
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Doesn't want to spend time with friends
  • Sudden change in grades
  • Obsession with weight or appearance
  • Has low or no energy, inability to get out of bed, depressed
  • Self-harm, such as hitting, cutting, or burning skin
  • Thinks or talks about hurting self or others
  • Thinks his or her mind is controlled or out of control, hears voices
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol
  • Paranoia and suspicion; feeling like everyone is "out to get them"

Call the CARES Hotline at 1.800.345.90491.800.345.9049.