LSSI Employee Featured in Foster Kids Are Our Kids Campaign

LSSI Employee Featured in Foster Kids Are Our Kids CampaignChiketa Matthews, a licensing specialist with Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI), is one of three former foster children featured in the new, statewide Foster Kids Are Our Kids campaign, “I’m Doing Good.” Chiketa, who was in foster care from the age of 11, says that foster care “gave me a chance to be something different from the rest of my family. It allowed me to see people living differently. It gave me hope.”

Foster Kids Are Our Kids is a partnership of more than 60 Illinois child welfare agencies. This year the campaign – which was initiated in 2006 by Voices for Illinois Children – is focusing on the negative stereotypes sometimes associated with foster care. The campaign includes TV commercials airing on WGN-TV (Channel 9 – Chicago), and print, outdoor and mass transit advertising. Participating agencies also are distributing bilingual brochures and posters featuring the three former foster children, who are all doing well in their lives.

“Foster parents can make a difference in a child’s life,” says Chiketa. “Foster kids are really just regular kids who need attention, a chance or an opportunity.”

For more information, visit To learn more about becoming a foster parent through LSSI, call 888/322-5774 (foster care).