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LSSI's 140-Mile Challenge

July 10 - September 4

Join us in a 140-mile race to raise awareness for the 140 weeks that children in Illinois spend in the foster care system, 60 weeks longer than the national average. With its 153-year history as a leader in child welfare, LSSI is working closely with the Department of Children and Family Services to help reduce the time children spend in care. You can be a part of the solution, too!

All funds raised will support LSSI's programs to serve children, their families, and their foster families.

What: A virtual race of 140 miles over the course of 8 weeks. That's an average of 2.5 miles a day. All participants who complete 140 miles by September 4 will receive a t-shirt. The standings of bikers, runners, and walkers will be tracked in separate groups. Prizes will be awarded in each group for the following accomplishments:

  1. The first to complete 140 miles
  2. The most miles completed by 5 p.m. on September 4
  3. Second place for the most miles completed by 5 p.m. on September 4

Where: Anywhere you are!

When: July 10 - September 4. Start at any time, but your deadline remains the same!

How: Run at your own pace! Run, walk, or bike your way to the finish line. However you get there, join our Strava Club to compete with other racers. Friendly trash talk is encouraged. Track your progress in our Challenge Hound leaderboards for walking, running, or biking, by linking your Strava account or by manually entering your miles.

How to Participate:

  1. Register. Complete the registration form below to get started! Once you register, you will be prompted to create a fundraising page. Then, you will receive a welcome email with links to join our Strava Club and leaderboards to track your progress and compete with other racers.
  2. Start fundraising. Follow the prompts to create a personal fundraising page. Please set your fundraising goal at $250, and share with your network! You can link your fundraising page to Strava to keep your supporters up to date on your progress. If you do not want to fundraise, you may choose to make a $60 donation to the campaign instead. This option will be presented to you when registering.
  3. Join our online community. You will receive links to our Strava Club and Challenge Hound leaderboards in your welcome email. Join our Strava Club to post updates and interact with other racers. Link to our leaderboards on Challenge Hound to track your progress and rank as a runner, walker, or biker.


  1. What is Strava? Strava is a free app that tracks your fitness activity by linking to most fitness devices or by using GPS. Join our Strava Club to connect to our online community of participants. You will receive a link in your email after registration.
  2. What is Challenge Hound? Challenge Hound is a free site that will track your total miles and your place on our leaderboards for the walking, running, and biking categories. When you sign up for one of our leaderboards, you will link it with your Strava account and your activities will update automatically. You can also choose to sign up without Strava and manually enter your miles. You will receive links in your email after registration.
  3. Can I run more than 140 miles? Yes! You can race as many miles as you choose. If you hit the 140-mile mark, set a bigger goal and update your supporters! There are prizes in each group for most miles completed.
  4. Can I fundraise with a team? Yes! Once you set up your own personal fundraising page, you can create your team. Make sure that you direct your potential team members to the registration form. Once completed, they will create fundraising pages on their own and then search for your team to join you.