Adoption Services, Photo Credit: Fred Zwicky

Adoption Services

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) provides adoption and pregnancy counseling services, most of them available statewide. LSSI offers infant, international and special needs adoption (special needs adoption refers primarily to children being adopted from Illinois� foster care system and serves children with special medical or behavioral needs, older children and large sibling groups).

LSSI�s adoption services include:

  • Preparation, training and licensing (if required) for prospective adoptive parents
  • Pre- and post-adoption support groups
  • Home studies
  • Adoption placement (domestic adoption)
  • Assistance with U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (international adoption)
  • Information on international travel and how to choose an international agency (international adoption)
  • Post- adoption support services and post-placement/adoption services as required for the placing agency (international adoption)

LSSI also offers Adoption Preservation services for families formed through adoption or subsidized guardianship whose children are experiencing emotional, education, medical or behavioral issues. The services include assessment and consultation for the entire family. LSSI provides educational and support groups, as well as 24-hour crisis support. LSSI is the largest provider of these kinds of services in the state. The services are available in 25 counties, primarily in central Illinois. For families residing elsewhere, LSSI will provide referral assistance to help families connect with the Adoption Preservation provider in their area.

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LSSI is an Illinois Licensed Child Welfare Agency - License #013005.

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